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My 30 Years at Dan's Papers. 1988-2018

Well, I started at Dan's Papers out here in the Hamptons in November 1988. It's been a great run and I'm sure the next thirty years will be just as much fun. During this time besides working on Junior Kroll, a column my mother wrote every week for ten years, I drew about 3000 cartoons for Dan's stories. I lost track of the count years ago. For eighteen years I've been writing and drawing The Green Monkeys comic strip. The freedom to write this comic the way I've wanted to has been a joy that few artists are allowed in a newspaper. 

In the summer of 1990 Dan's ran the first of the newspaper's full color glossy covers. Over the years I think I've created over a hundred of these. Here they are in no particular order. There are some of these that I still have in my studio but most of them have been sold. A huge Thank You to Dan Rattiner for making this possible. He's a living legend and Hampton's Icon.

This coming year Dan's is going to be celebrating 60 years of publishing. I'm proud to have been there for the past 30.

Here are 88 of my covers for Dan's Papers. There are more. I have to find them.

If you study these paintings and illustrations you'll notice a theme of beach balls, snowmen and Dan. I also use a lot of blue paint.

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